Friday, April 27, 2012

Feria de Sevilla 2012

Well I think our Feria has indeed come to an end.  We went two days back-to back and we're reventaos (exhausted).  But as always, it was so worth it - Feria is SO much fun!

We went Wednesday evening sans Manuela, who slept over her grandparents' house.  We tried not to be out too late since we knew we were going back for the whole day Thursday, but alas the Feria sucked us in and we strolled in our front door around 3am.

little pins given to the members of our caseta
I've decided: my next dress will be this shade of coral
Luckily we got some good sleep and a good breakfast in, and were raring to go again by 1pm, when Manuela and her grandparents came to pick us up and we headed back to La Real, where we reveled along with the rest of the Sevillanos until midnight!  Here's our day in pictures:

my new dress!
she loved exploring the caseta and greeting everyone
my little lady
toddling around the fair with Dani's cousin's daughters
my little family
¡mujeres al poder!
naptime!  2.5 hours despite loud rumbas 
celebrity sighting!  supermodel inés sastre (black and green dress)
kids in ruffles and fringe
one way to always have Sevillanas to sing
flamencas conectadas
post-nap, not feeling the Feria
she gets her second wind!
cracking up
freaked out by mommy's hard, gelled hair
busting a Sevillana move
by the end of the night she was toddling around the caseta like she owned the place!


  1. Sarita, that photo of you and Manuela together is absoliutely gorgeous! Love love love!!! And you look amazaballs in your dress! Seeing pics of Feria makes me so Sevilla sick! Such a beautiful, fun time!! Hopefully one day I will get to wear my dress again!

  2. Thanks Kristy! I'm really pleased with how that picture came out too. :-)

    I hope you get to wear your dress again someday too.

  3. Me ha encantado el reportaje!!! Me alegro que lo pasarais tan bien, y que la muñeca de Manuela haya disfrutado de la locura de la Feria!!! Estaba preciosísima!!! Y la mamma también!!! Creo que nunca he visto una americana tan sevillana como tú!!! XOX

  4. Gracias Marga! No te preocupes que yo conservo algo de americana, pero en la Feria si que me vuelvo sevillana 100%. Un beso!

  5. Gah, had to giggle at the picture with your gelled hair! I ran uinto a million of my kiddies and their parents...apparently guiris trying to pass at gitanas is chocante!