Monday, July 16, 2012

{52 weeks with Manuela} week twenty-two

I know, I have been a terrible blogger this summer.  Please forgive me!

Here's this week's installment of our 52 Weeks with Manuela photography project, some photos snapped while on a quick escape to Matalasca├▒as Beach this past weekend.  Manuela warmed up to playing in the sand on the beach and practiced swimming a bit in a smaller pool with her Papi.  Her little cousin Julia just started to walk so they chased each other around everywhere and tackled each other for hugs and kisses which was too cute for words.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. This is like 2 whole weeks with no posting! Where are you Sarita!???

  2. I AM SORRY!!!!!!!! to be disappointing my readership. That goes for you, KP, and the other 14 people out there looking for a daily post. I think I set the bar too high by starting out posting every day. Lately I haven't been posting for multiple reasons in no specific order: boredom, lack of inspiration, too busy, mind occupied with other things, etc. I will try to be back soon, thanks for hanging in there with me! xoxo