Monday, July 2, 2012

A Match Made in Seville: Lindsay and David's Wedding

Over six years ago, I left my first job in Sevilla to take the one I'm currently in.  On my way out of DiscoverSevilla, a very competent and nice Spanish guy named David was hired to take over my position as General Manager, leading weekend trips for American students studying in Sevilla.  Lindsay was one of those students.  They fell in love and their relationship quickly bloomed.  After many trips back and forth between Spain and the U.S. to visit each other while Lindsay finished college, they eventually moved in together out in California while David did an MBA.  Last year, they made the move back to Sevilla and David has been successfully running his website,  Lindsay and I have been in touch all along, but she has become a more permanent fixture in my circle of friends since moving here.  David and Lindsay's story is familiar, but they've got something special - Lindsay is one of the most positive people I know and David has spent enough time in the U.S. that he's practically American himself!  They have lots of respect for each other and make a really fine, fun couple.

I was touched to receive an invitation to their beautiful wedding this past weekend at Hacienda El Roso outside Sevilla.  Dani and I were both moved to tears during their bilingual ceremony, officiated by mutual expat friends Karen of Enjoy Living Abroad and her husband Rich.  I also finally got to meet Cat of Sunshine and Siestas and had so much fun catching up with old friends and meeting new people!  Lindsay was lucky enough to have 60+ American guests travel over for her big day.  We all had a grand old time as people often do at all-night Spanish weddings.  We may, or may not, have strolled in around 7am.  And I may, or may not, have been spotted doing cartwheels on the lawn during the reception. 

Lindsay asked me and all our other mommy friends to collect baby jars so she could use them to create these lovely votives for the tables:

For their first dance, the couple rocked out to this fabulous tune, an excellent choice:

It was a lovely, lovely evening and I wish David and Lindsay continued happiness and blessings!

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  1. Just popping over from the Expat blog network - greetings. This story is so romantic! Life in Seville sounds like paradise :)